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Learn new vocabulary with interactive testing

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Roadmap - our vision and plans


We, at Vocablr, dream big. We want to deliver our work to you as soon as possible. However, developing a state-of-art software takes time. We have to, therefore, sacrifice certain features in the early releases of Vocablr.

Nevertheless, we would like to share our vision with you. Here are some of our planned features we hope to ship in following months.

  1. Games Interactive games should transform the work associated with learning new vocabulary into fun.

  2. Mobile version Access your word lists everywhere. Stop wasting your time in public transportation - use the mobile version of Vocablr to learn new vocabulary, instead.

  3. Inline dictionary Translating words while reading an article online can be annoying. Inline dictionary will provide you a translation of any word directly in the web page, allowing you to import any word to Vocablr easily.

We want to tailor Vocablr's functionality to your needs. If you are missing a feature or found a bug, please, report it at feedback.vocablr.com.

If you like our work and want to support us, please, donate a big amount using the following button (it is provided by PayPal, so it is secure as hell).

You can track our progress by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. If you want to get all news first-hand, read our blog.

Thank you.

Juraj Masar, Jakub Konecny
Juraj Masar Jakub Konecny
Vocablr.com co-founders